This Fox Cub Was Orphaned At Only 3-Weeks-Old! A Collie Decides To Step In! The Pictures Are Amazing!

Little Dinozzo is a fox cub who suddenly found himself alone in the world when his mother was killed in a tragic accident. When baby animals lose their parents in the wild, they usually don’t make it. Thankfully, a kind soul rescued him and took him to a vet to be cared for.

A couple decided to adopt the little cub, and surprisingly, so did their collie! Ziva is a mother, and her instincts took over when she realized that the fox cub was alone in the world.


They shared an instant bond that has grown over time! They love to play, and little Dinozzo is rarely away from her side.


Once the fox cub was old enough, they let him roam around as he pleased. Surprisingly, he is never far from his adoptive mother!


Family isn’t always something you’re born into. Sometimes, you get to choose. These two obviously love each other very much!


This gorgeous pair loves to have their photos taken! The playful duo can often be found leaping and bounding through the tall grass around the home, and they are rarely apart!

As much as I love looking at these adorable pictures, I would be too nervous to bring a wild animal into my home…even an adorable baby fox! Would YOU adopt this little guy?

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