This Food Truck Is Giving Former Inmates A Chance To Be Successful!

It’s called “Drive Change,” and it is a nonprofit that offers people who have been incarcerated a chance to make a better life for themselves. The New York City food truck accepts former inmates and teaches them how to do the job and start over in life.

This particular food truck is called Snowday and offers some delicious options! Maple Grilled Cheese, Smoked Ham, and all sorts of sandwiches that will satisfy any craving are the key to their futures…who knew?

The workers are paid $9 per hour to begin. This is their orientation, they are trained on the job, and they obtain their safety and mobile vendor license. Then, they are bumped up to $11 per hour and start learning each position on the truck from food prep to managing. They are sent to professional courses that cover a broad range of topics like small business development and social media marketing.

After this, they are given 4 months to find employment – which usually ends up being a restaurant or with a catering company! They are qualified to apply for any position thanks to their training, and they can use the experience to quickly move forward in their careers. And even though they work another job, Drive Change still pays their wages.

Other countries make it easier for prisoners to re-integrate back into society, but most states release inmates and expect them to fend for themselves. Many jobs won’t hire someone with a record and little-to-no job experience. That’s why the founder of Drive Change quit his job in 2012 and decided to do something about it. He has created a truly impressive way to help these individuals find a new way to live!

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