This First Grade Teacher Got The BEST Surprise From Her Students! Her Boyfriend Planned An EPIC Proposal!

When first grade teacher, Jennifer Lai, was down the hall talking to another teacher, her students got to work on a very special project! Her boyfriend, Samuel, of three years had spoken to the principal and coordinated the cutest surprise for the busy teacher!

It was timed perfectly. Jennifer’s teaching assistant would be leaving that afternoon, so when she returned to find a classroom full of quiet, sullen students, she assumed that they were upset that it was the assistant’s last day. When they started acting suspiciously, Jennifer thought that they had prepared a surprise for her…until her teaching assistant got up and played a very special video.

Samuel had gotten the help of Jennifer’s cousins to create a video slide show of their favorite moments in their relationship and special photographs from different dates. They called it the “Samifer Special,” mashing their two names together like a celebrity couple.

After the video finished, the students stood up and went to the front of the classroom with cardboard signs…when they held them up, they revealed a very special question! Samuel walked in with a bouquet of flowers and very high expectations!


Will you marry me?”

Armed with a ring, a bouquet, and 20 squealing first graders, Samuel asked Jennifer to marry him!


…And of course she said “yes!”

The students wrote and decorated their congratulations! Jennifer was ecstatic!

My students were able to share the moment with me and Sam knows how important my students are to me.”


He put a lot of thought into this proposal, and the outcome is exciting! They both look so happy, and they have many people wishing them well in the future! 🙂

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