This Father’s Family Motto Has Taken Everyone By Surprise…It’s So Simple, And Yet So Perfect!

Dads come up with the silliest things sometimes. We call them “dad jokes” because some of them are just too corny.

“Dad, I’m thirsty.”

“Hi, Thirsty, I’m dad!”

But Shelley Sprouffske’s dad had it all figured out, and his story is heartbreaking. His favorite acronym was F.A.M.I.L.Y. and it stood for “Forget About Me, I Love You.” The motto for his entire life was repeated anytime the family was faced with tough choices. Putting others first was the way to make the family successful, and he knew it with all of his heart.

When Shelley had her youngest son, her father made the trip to the NICU at 6:30AM before going to work. “I could call you to check on you, but I’d really rather see you and my grandson in person. I love you.” He told them.

When her father developed Alzheimers a year later, he progressed rapidly. The stress of caring for him was overwhelming for his wife, and so Shelley offered to let him stay at her house for a weekend, remembering that acronym that her father had always said whenever times got tough. “Forget About Me, I Love You.”6.21a5

She tucked him in for the night and remembered all of the times he had been there for her. And she remembered that early morning in the NICU. “I could call to check on you, dad, but I would really rather see you in person. I love you.”

Times can get hard, but remembering the good times will always get us through. “Forget About Me, I Love You.”

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