This Family’s Christmas Picture Is Going Viral For The Family’s Fourth Card!

‘Tis the season to be snarky – especially when your name is Emily!

Across the country, families took their holiday pictures over the Thanksgiving weekend to get them ready to send out the next week, but when one of the family members doesn’t have the same goals in life, things can get a bit hilarious! This family had a fun idea to mark the occasion with what was happening in everyone’s lives.

Mom and dad were excited for their second grandchild. One daughter was planning a wedding. One was having baby. The last? Oh, well that’s just Emily!They couldn’t come up with a better word that started with the letter ‘E’ apparently. Elegant? Excited, also? The humorous holiday card made its way onto Twitter and people were in love! Many people were exactly in Emily’s position and weren’t sure how to handle it! While their siblings are off starting families and raising kids, some just wanted to focus on their careers.

Emily found a quirky way to let her family know that she was doing alright…

And now, thousands of people want to steal her genius idea!

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