This Family Won The LOTTERY! Well, The BABY Lottery, At Least!

On February 29th, a lucky family from Michigan welcomed a new baby daughter into the world. It was a leap year, and that meant that having their little girl on this day was already a lucky thing! What makes this story so special? The family had given birth to a little daughter just four years before…on February 29th!

This precious little girl was born on the same day as her older sister – which is impressive enough – and shared the special leap year birthday!

“It’s a little surreal,” the proud mother said in an interview. “It’s kind of winning the lottery; the baby lottery.”

Many people were skeptical about how she could have pulled this off. As it turns out, it was just plain old luck and coincidence! Her labor was not induced or scheduled, and she didn’t deliver via Caesarian or use drugs to move the labor along.

They haven’t decided when the girls will celebrate their birthdays during non-leap years, but this is truly amazing! This is something that they will be able to share for their entire lives!

The most impressive part of all of this is the fact that it wasn’t planned. The universe has a fun way working out sometimes! This is great!

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