This False Eyelash Is The Reason One Woman Almost DIED! Her Story Will Leave You In Tears (Of Laughter)

Aisha Prater’s chilling tale is something that a lot of beauty enthusiasts can relate to! False eyelashes go a long way to enhancing your eyes, but because they are held on with strong glue, it can make them a pain to remove. If you wear them often enough, it may even be possible to forget that you’re wearing them! When Prater went to take a shower…that’s exactly what happened!

Cleaning my body with SOAP, and a WASH RAG. I emphasize this because you know…..

Anyways I’m minding my own business, and at the bottom of the shower I see something black with legs floating around, and it brushed against my foot.

LAWD! when I say my spirit floated out my body, went to the pearly gates. I hopped out the tub so quick I was dry when my feet touched the floor.

I slid across the bathroom. (My bathroom is small as hell) so when I slid I ran into the door and almost fell hard. I caught myself but my bare naked butt cheeks did hit that cold bathroom floor. I clinched my cheeks so hard.

I get up and find my composure. Talking to myself like “Aisha, you from East Memphis, yo daddy straight out the mound. Ain’t no way you gone let a spider be the death of you.”

So I walk slowly back to the tub. I had a dirty toilet brush in my hand ready to kill this punk spider.

I pull back the curtain and this is what I almost died over.

The post was shared 60,000 times in just days – it turns out that a lot of people can relate to this! Clumps of hair, broken bits of sponges, hair extensions…they all look suspiciously like spiders when floating in the bath water! Her hilarious re-telling of the incident was too funny, and people couldn’t get enough!

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