This Fable Has A Moral That Saved This Girl’s LIFE, And It Could Save Yours, Too.

Thinking outside of the box during a stressful situation is easier said than done. Our brains have been hard-wired to think “fight or flight” when things get hard – to keep us alive – but that leaves very little room to come up with a third option, most of the time. If we could just take a moment to analyze the situation, we would probably come up with a solution that would make everything better…but we usually aren’t given that much time. When it’s life or death, there’s a lot of risk involved in a decision, or the path we should take just isn’t clear, the ability to “think outside of the box” can sometimes be a lifesaver. This girl knew all too well how important it was to think quickly…
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I will be honest – that is not the solution I would have thought of. I would have chosen one of the more obvious options. Most people would probably out the cheat as soon as they noticed that the game was rigged! It would be the fastest way to get what they wanted without having to marry a stranger. I might not have had as much grace to pull that trick off, though. This clever girl probably went very far in life! I like this story – this is what it means to really think outside of the box!

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