This Exhausted Single Father Breaks Down After The Kids Fall Asleep. His Son Finds Him And Says The Most Inspiring Thing!

Having your world turned upside down can be a hard thing to adjust to. After so many years, your life gets into a rhythm and routine – especially if you have kids. This single father has two young children who still need him to do everything for them. He tries his best to keep their daily life as “normal” as possible, but for only one parents, this can seem like an impossible task in the beginning. This single dad is still trying to find a balance between his kids, his work, and his own emotions. This is a beautiful moment…

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He may not have been very old, but he knew one of the most important things in life is to be able to count on someone. He saw that his dad was sad and having a hard night, so he stepped in to be as helpful as possible. After all, that’s just about the first thing that he learned from his dad who was always there to pick him up when he needed it the most. Why not return the favor?

The most beautiful part of this story is that this innocent little 5-year-old boy probably didn’t realize how much of an impact his heartfelt words would have on his struggling father. This dad was right to share this story with the world – more people need to hear this simple, yet powerful message.

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