This Ex-Nasa Engineer Wants To Plant 1 Billion Trees Using Drones! Her Designs Are Inspiring!

A while ago, we learned about this story about a team looking to re purpose old airplanes into planting trees using sophisticated “tree bombs.” It turns out, the “plant a billion trees at once” idea has gotten others thinking about what they could do to help as well. And out of the woodwork comes this incredible contraption that seems too good to be true. A billion trees? Really?


And with multiple drones working to plant as many trees as possible, we might start to really make a difference. Currently, roughly 25 billion (yes, billion with a ‘B’) are being harvested each year, but only about 15 billion are ever replanted. Year after year, this causes a huge deficit that needs to be addressed.

Lauren Fletcher, the CEO of BioCarbon Engineering and an ex-NASA engineer, has big plans for this endeavor.

The drones would work rather simply. They would fly over a pre-programmed area and determine if it would be a good place for reforestation. Then, hovering about 3 meters above the ground, the drone would drop pods with pre-germinated trees inside. The little seedlings are immersed in a nutritious hydrogel. It sounds futuristic, but that is exactly the kind of thinking that will finally fix the problem of deforestation!

Admittedly, it isn’t as good as hand-planted trees…but it is a great deal faster. With each drone planting dozens of trees each day, the numbers would add up quickly. It won’t solve the problem, and it would still leave about a 9-billion-trees deficit, but it’s a step in the right direction, and that’s all we can hope for sometimes.

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