This EVIL Rare Orchid Is Going Viral For One Spooky Reason! Can You See It?

Some researchers in Columbia stumbled across a new species of orchid plant that grows in a single remote spot. Orchids will only grow in very specific climates, so they are already an incredibly rare species. But the fact that it only grows in this remote location (about 30 of the plants have been discovered so far in the area) is not why this plant is making its rounds on social media…it’s the CENTER of its bloom that is freaking people out! Can you spot it from here? We’ll zoom in for you. 7.18a4The researchers who discovered the creepy plant have given it the name “Telipogon diabolicus” after it’s devil-like center. The dark purple gynostemium looks exactly like a sinister demon is staring from between the petals, which are also a fascinating discovery. The petals themselves are “clawed,” if you will notice the points at the end of each one. That particular feature is not found on any of the flowers close relatives, making it even more of a natural wonder.7.18a5The plants are so rare that there most likely hundreds of species that have yet to be discovered. They bloom under specific conditions in specific locations, and like this one, are difficult to find unless you happen to be extremely lucky! This find is extraordinary, and for more reasons than one. Dr. Marta Klanowska and Prof. Dariusz Szlachetko, and Dr. Ramiro Medina Trejo should be very proud.

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