This Employee’s Quick-Thinking Saved A Customer’s Life…All Because Of They Way She Placed An Order

When her life was on the line, one woman found herself in an impossible situation without  knowing if she would make it.

Rebecca Boening was driving on a normal Wednesday afternoon when something felt…off. Her blood sugar had dropped to an alarming level, and she knew that if she didn’t eat something soon, her situation could become dangerous. She exited the freeway and pulled up to the drive-thru of a Burger King, hoping that someone could help.

As I stumbled through placing my order I mentioned to the voice on the speaker that I was diabetic and in need of food. Low blood sugar makes it difficult to think or act. I pulled up to the first window in order to pay for my food. I was shocked to see Burger King employee Tina Hardy running toward the front of my car. She squeezed between the front of my car and the building just to bring me a small serving of ice cream.”

As Boening began to feel her senses coming back to her, she was able to pay for her food and understand what had just happened.

The employee, Tina, told the woman that her husband was diabetic, and she had recognized the signs even over the intercom. Tina then told Boening to park across from the drive-thru so that the employee could keep an eye on her until she felt more like herself.

After eating I waited for a break in business so that I could return to Tina’s window. I then took this picture and spoke with Tina’s supervisor, telling him what she did for me. If you appreciate what this special woman did please share this story. Hopefully Tina Hardy will receive the recognition that she truly deserves from the public and from the big bosses at Burger King.”

Tina may have saved a life that day, and her actions definitely went above what anyone expected.

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