This EASY Craft Looks Expensive…But Is Insanely CHEAP!

Projects that add a touch of class to your decor usually come with a hefty price tag, leaving most of us to find alternatives or just leave our walls blank. Until now! She found a way to create a 3-dimensional wall art that was light, useful, and inexpensive to create! Using popsicles and a template, she got to work.

She glued them together at the ends in this pattern to keep everything as even as possible. (Just about any glue would work, as long as it isn’t holding anything heavy.)Her hexagonal frame was 16 sticks deep, but yours can be as shallow or as deep as you prefer. Coat them with a wood stain to give the box a more finished look! Be sure to get in all of the cracks and crevices.Next, you can either attach a hook on the back or just hang it on nails directly on the wall! What do you think of this project? We love DIY wall art, and this one is really unique! Be sure to check out the full tutorial here!

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