This Dog Was Tied To A Tree And Abandoned. Three Days Later, He Found A Home!

Zeus was found with a note tied to his collar and a closed bag of food nearby. He looked scared, cold, and miserable, but the note from his former owner didn’t help. According to the note, Zeus was 2 years old, energetic, healthy…but that he was just too expensive. The cost of owning a dog seems like it would be low to most people, but when they realized that it wasn’t just the cost of food, caring for Zeus just didn’t fit into their budget. Vet bills, medicines, foods, treats, and accessories are very pricey, and the mysterious ex-owner just couldn’t fit him into the budget. So, they tied him up to a tree and hoped that someone else could help.

When Zeus was taken to a foster home, they quickly realized that while Zeus was energetic, he as a VERY good dog!

He was house trained, playful, respectful, and happy. He was nervous around other dogs, but he was overall very accommodating. His happy face went viral…and just 3 days later, he had found the perfect home! It was a happy ending after all!

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