This Dog Was Tied To A Dumpster With A Heartbreaking Story! Who Would Do This?!

When they spotted this little dog tied to a dumpster, they knew that something was wrong. The dog was friendly, but the note made them wonder what is wrong with some people.

In front of the dog, a note read:

Free Pup.

Name is Scooter.

Owner went to jail today.”

At least they left a little backpack with food and water, but it was still a heartless thing to do! When a local foster-based rescue group found out, they sent Paula Langford to pick him up. The South Eastern Homeless Animals would help, and as soon as she saw the dog, she knew that something wasn’t right.
Scooter had been tied up with an expensive carrying case, an expensive collar and leash, and a pricey bag of grain-free dog food. She took the dog and scanned him for a microchip…sure enough, they were able to find one and discovered the rest of the story.

Scooter’s owner was arrested, and he didn’t want his dog to go to a shelter. He handed his belongings, money, backpack, carrying case, and Scooter to his friends and asked them to keep Scooter safe.

They turned out to be terrible friends and left Scooter on the side of the road.

Thanks to the chip, she was able to get in touch with the owner’s mother who immediately agreed to care for her son’s pooch.From now on, Scooter will have a loving home with family…

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