This Dog Was Never Going To Be Adopted…Until THIS Precious Baby Was Born!

Anytime I see puppies and babies, my heart automatically does a little flutter of happiness…so do the hearts of thousands of others! This viral story proves one thing about babies and puppies: they just belong together. Something about those cute little eyes and cute little ears just fills us up with love and happy feelings!

Fleetwood Mac is an 8 yr chihuahua who was born with Ectrodactyly, a very rare physical trait that causes hands or feet to be formed in the shape of a claw. Despite his adorable, fun-loving personality, he hadn’t been adopted.

He was handed over to Umbrella of Hope, who had a great idea!

They began searching for support groups for parents of children who were born with Ectrodactyly, hoping that someone would recognize the opportunity for what it was!

They found little Grace, a 7 month old girl who was born with Ectrodactyly in both hands and feet. Nothing could hold her back in life, and having this little dog would help her to learn that her unique physical traits weren’t enough to stop her from doing anything as she grew up!


Little Grace and Fleetwood Mac will definitely be the best of friends! Grace’s family already had one dog, but there were searching for the perfect addition to their “pack.” They have found him – and he was worth the wait!

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