This Dog Was Devastated When He Went Blind…Until He Met This GOOSE!

After an accident, this pup went blind. It was unexpected, and without any way to know what was around him, he was lonely and had grown sad. Renata Kursa lives in Poland, and her heart broke for her blind dog, Baks.

But Kursa had another pet who strangely took Baks under her wing…Buttons the goose!

After weeks of disappointment, it was Buttons who finally broke through to poor Baks. Honking at him and nudging him around, slowly but surely, Baks began to respond to the persistent goose.

Buttons would “lead the way” with honking and shuffling, letting Baks know which direction was safe to go. When Baks was hesitant to follow, Buttons would wrap her neck around Baks and push him to get up and try. Each and every day, with Buttons leading the way, the two became inseparable. Honking and barking, they roam around the yard, playing and just enjoying their days. Baks is no longer afraid to run around as long as Buttons is there to lead the charge! The two even chase the postman whenever he comes near. (Now, THAT must be a fright!)

The unlikely pair reminds us that sometimes life isn’t always fair. It can be hard to get up in the mornings when we feel that the whole world is “out to get us.” Look out for those who might be having a harder time than you are – one day, you might need that help right back!

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