This Dog Was Born With A Human Face And People Don’t Know What To Do With Themselves

She was scrolling through Facebook, minding her own business when this wildly unnerving picture made its way onto her screen and scared her. A mutual acquaintance had taken a picture of her two dogs, side by side, on her back porch. The dogs had just been groomed and the friend-of-a-friend had probably meant just to show off her adorable dogs…but the reaction was not what anyone had expected.

She had so many questions. For one, why did this dog look so human?! Was it one of those face-swapping filters from a mobile app? Was it a prank? It turned out that this dog was very real…and so was its disturbingly human gaze.

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Like a man going through his midlife crisis, this dog stared into the camera as if he was mildly upset at seeing that his cable bill had been charged twice. Maybe he had forgotten about a pizza in the oven and woke up to the charred remains at two in the morning. Maybe his windshield had been cracked by a stray pebble on the highway. As is the custom of the internet, people quickly figured out why this poor dog looked so much like a person…but it doesn’t change the fact that this dog could probably scare away a group of robbers just by giving them that disapproving glare.

First, they pointed out that the groomer shaved off too much his the fur around his eyes, giving him a suspiciously human brow shape. Second, the proportions of his little puppy face were more similar to a human’s proportions than to a dog (as his sister’s). As soon as it was pointed out, people felt better…but only just!

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