This Dog Was Afraid Of Everything…Until Her New Family Had A Baby!

The Italian greyhound was dropped off at a shelter in Alberta and had clearly been through something terrible. She would constantly shake and shy away from everyone and everything. She was scared of food, people, dog toys, and most heartbreaking, even flies. She was adopted once, but was returned the next day because she was just too terrified and they thought she may need a lot more attention and care than they were able to give. One day, a woman named Sarah Mavro saw her picture and decided that she would take this dog home and try to help. Sarah drove two hours to the shelter and discovered the little Weezy was even more nervous than she looked in pictures. The pooch had to have all but two teeth removed, and her tongue hung out of her mouth as a result. For three years, Weezy remained nervous and scared of everything…but eventually, she started to trust again. She barked for the first time after those long years, showing that she was finally able to trust that she wouldn’t be beaten for making noise. Sarah’s heart melted.

Then the family welcomed a new baby into their home…and Weezy was instantly at ease with her new friend! Sarah is now convinced that Weezy loves the baby more than she loves the rest of them – but if that makes her life easier, it’s alright with them!
Evan is 7 months old and is clearly in love with the puppy.

She will climb right up beside him and let him get all over her.” Sarah said.

For the first time in a long time, Weezy could relax.
This is a wonderful story, and we’re so glad that Weezy is happy again!

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