This Dog Walker Documents Your Pup’s Adventures So You Don’t Feel Left Out!

Most pet owners have full-time jobs, and while we walk our pups in the mornings and the evenings, there is a huge chunk of day time that our dogs get left indoors. It’s important for them to get exercise and go for a walk at mid-day, but many of us can’t always come home to walk them halfway through our work day.

That’s where dog walkers come in, and this guy is a cut above the rest! He is a professional and trains the dogs while they are with him. He takes the pack out for walks and on fun adventures, giving them the exercise that they need and a fun place to hang out while they wait for their humans to be finished with work!


He loads them up into his cabin and sets off for a fun new adventure! I hope he rolls the windows down!4.1a24

After a long walk, they don’t mind posing in pretty scenery! (HOW does he get them all looking in the same direction?! Maybe a tennis ball?)4.1a25

They’ve made it up the hill! Seems that they enjoy watching the trees and experiencing nature!4.1a26

…and when he finds a nice spot, he snaps a picture and sends it to all the dog-parents!
4.1a27 How he got them to balance on this beam is a mystery! I hope he gave them all a nice bath after letting them run around in the sand for a few hours!4.1a28

These dogs have the best playmates a pooch can ask for! The dogs love him, the people love him, and we love him for these precious pictures of happy puppies! Adorable!

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