This Dog Started Barking At 2:30AM…And SAVED 15 People!

At 2:30am one morning, a fire started on the deck of a town home. No one was awake, and the fire would have ended their lives with how quickly it was about to spread. But one family kept a dog outside at night, and he saw the fire before anyone else. He began barking and wouldn’t stop. He knew that something was very wrong.5.17a65

Justin Zieverink woke up when his dog kept barking, and that is when noticed the flames outside. He rushed to wake up his sister, brother-in-law, and young niece to get them to safety. Before they could get out, the propane tank that had been next to their barbeque exploded.

They didn’t even stop to put shoes on! They ran outside and began banging on their neighbors’ doors as the fire spread faster than they thought possible. Other propane tanks started exploding as the fire made its way down the complex. 6 units were consumed by flames in a matter of minutes.

15 people were saved thanks to the barking dog. The residents were able to rescue their pets, too. One cat went missing, but after the flames died down, fire fighters found the animal floating in a laundry basket in a basement, which had flooded.5.17a66

That dog saved a lot of lives by alerting his owner of the danger. And thankfully, everyone in the town homes had insurance. They may have to start over after this fire, but they are thankful that they are allĀ ableĀ to start over, thanks to a loyal pet.

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