This Dog Should Have Died After Being Shot Dozens Of Times…But She’s A Fighter!

They had been driving down the road, minding their own business when something caught their eye. Amal and a friend were heartbroken to see a small puppy in bad shape, wandering aimlessly. They wanted to help and quickly pulled over, hoping to just give the puppy some water and a little bit of food that they happened to have…but that’s when they noticed the gaping wound in the puppy’s head!

They knew the puppy needed more than just a bit of water and immediately took him to get help at a nearby veterinarian. The x-rays showed that the puppy had been shot dozens of times and was suffering from infection due to the pellets that were still embedded in her skin and muscle. Most heartbreaking? She had been blinded in one eye as a result of the attack. She was given a 25% chance to survive, but she pulled through despite the intense surgery and recovery process. She is living in a foster home while she completely recovers, but she has never given up.

Through countless medications and surgeries, she kept on fighting! They gave her the name Bondok and she loves to play! They hope that someone will hear her story and decide to take her home. Who knows what would have happened if those friends hadn’t spotted this little puppy one afternoon, thankfully this is one adorable puppy that will never have to find out!

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