This Dog Sanctuary Is A Dream Come True For Stray Dogs…And For Humans!

On this peaceful stretch of land in Costa Rica, over 900 stray dogs roam free, happy and healthy thanks to the efforts of volunteers and donations. Called the “Land of the Strays,” this expanse of happiness and tail-wagging puts hundreds of stray dogs up for adoption with one incredible goal in mind.

Each dog is named, categorized, and given its own unique “breed” description. With combinations like “Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzer,” they aim to praise the different features of each individual dog and dispel the idea that a “pure bred” dog is the best to adopt. Some of the dogs have been surrendered by previous owners, strays picked up off of the streets, rescues saved from horrible conditions, and some have been born in the sanctuary after their pregnant mothers were rescued. The no-kill shelter runs on private donations and volunteers to care for the dogs, administer medical attentions, medications, food, and maintenance. It’s a huge undertaking, and as their numbers swell closer to 1,000 dogs, they hope that more people will look to them when they are searching for a new pet.

After people decide to look into the “unique breeds,” they are encouraged to make a trip out to the Land of the Strays and meet the dogs in person. They don’t have to scroll through pictures on Facebook when they can hike, play, and cuddle with potential new pups on the beautiful hills!It’s paradise!

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