This Dog Looked COMPLETELY Different Just One Day Before. Heartwarming!

This lovable pooch might have the face of the world’s happiest angel today, but just hours before, his little mug was not quite as excited about life. Charlie had been abandoned at a shelter and watched as human after human took one look at him and moved on. He looked “too scary,” and was “too big,” and many people just thought that he’d be difficult to bring into their homes as a fully-grown dog.

To be clear, this is what people saw when they walked through the area to look at the dogs living there:
But one woman decided to take a new mentality as she approached the shelter; “adopt, don’t shop.”

The pictures went viral as people started sharing the message. Many had adopted from shelters with a similar mentality and wanted to share their own stories. The dogs that they adopted wouldn’t have won any beauty pageants, had their own share of health issues, and had flaws just like any other…but years down the road, those dogs were as loyal as ever.Don’t judge a book by its cover, she said. The smiling, happy face of a dog is touching hearts as he finds new purpose in life beyond survival.

(She also plans to help out with his cracked snout and hopes it will be good as new in no time!)

Would you have adopted little Charlie?

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