This Dog Lived In A Puppy Mill. When She Finally Sees The Sky? WOW!

Little B.B. was first discovered in a room with no ventilation, trapped in a filthy cage coated in waste. The team that found her couldn’t tell how old she was, but they were able to conclude that she had been used to breed litters and litters of puppies, nursing countless pups that had been sold by the mill owners for a huge profit.

They were also fairly certain that she had never been outside. When rescuers approached her cage, she was extremely cautious and only sniffed their hands before becoming afraid again. She was small and helpless at just over 3 pounds, but the rescuers were determined to save her.

She eventually grew a bit less hesitant at the reassuring comfort that rescuers were giving her and allowed them to pick her up and out of her cage. B.B. wasn’t alone at the mill. Over 150 other dogs were discovered along with other animals that had been kept in cages just as disgusting as hers. Law enforcement was able to shut down the mill and rescue the animals.

B.B. was rescued, but she was too terrified to eat or drink. That’s when the receptionist at the animal hospital decided to give her one-on-one care and brought B.B. home.

B.B. had never seen the sun, or grass, or breathed clean air. She didn’t know how to run – she would only walk in circles – and she wouldn’t stand on carpet or rugs. When the receptionist gave her small stuffed animals to play with, B.B. would line them up and curl around them as if she were nursing them. Eventually, B.B. became acclimated to the outside world. It was scary, and nothing made sense…but she relied on the love of her new human, and now, she weighs a healthy 10 pounds and loves to explore!

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