This Dog Kept Leaping To Try And See Over The Fence – So Neighbors Cut HOLES In It!

Jennifer Bowman enjoyed spending time in her backyard and soaking up the California sunshine with her own dog, Olive, but there was something distracting that kept them from relaxing at the end of a long day. Their neighbor’s German Shepherd was always trying to see what was happening on their side of the fence, and was doing it the only way she knew how…but jumping. And barking. Loudly.

Her claws would scratch and the fence and she leaped several feet into the air, barking all the while and trying to get a glimpse of life on the other side…but Jennifer had an idea on how to get the boisterous dog to calm down.

She decided to cut a few holes in her own fence!As soon as Penny, the curious neighbor from next door, found the secret to viewing life on the other side, she was as calm as ever! It turns out, all she ever wanted was to see what was happening when she heard a noise in Jennifer’s backyard.
Now, instead of calling her “Jumping Penny,” they call her “Peeking Penny,” which is altogether more clever! All she ever wanted was to say hello!

Would you cut a hole in your fence to let your neighbor’s dog look into your yard?

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