This Dog Had A Maternity Photo Session. After The Puppies Were Born, They Took Even MORE! Adorable!

These glorious photographs were taken by Anna Paula Grillo, a Brazilian photographer whose pictures have gone VIRAL on Facebook! Many women take maternity photographs to remember their pregnancies. But what about our pets? This time is just as magical (for us, maybe) and these pictures are proof that an adorable doggy can have that “glow” too! Isn’t she just gorgeous?


This pose wasn’t easy, but she makes it look effortless!3.31a2

She doesn’t care that she’s pregnant. No one can stop her from rolling around in the grass!

After the big day, she comes back for more pictures! This time, she poses with her precious litter of pups! Blue ribbons for little boys, and pink ribbons for little girls! 3.31a4

They don’t mind having their pictures taken…as long as they can keep napping!

Sleepy puppies are the easiest to pose! Look at how cuddly they are! I just want to hold them!


Would you consider giving your dog a maternity photo shoot? Before seeing these, I might have thought it to be a bit strange…but seeing these amazing pictures has changed my mind! I wish this mama pup was able to enjoy these pictures as much as her human!

The photographs have since gone viral, and with the return of the puppies, this little mama pup is internet famous! Many people are lining up to take maternity pictures of their pets after seeing these pictures, and it’s not hard to see why! These are amazing!

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