This Dog Escaped From His Home And Walked Over A Mile To Meet His Friends!

Riley is a happy-go-lucky golden retriever who has gotten used to a certain way of life. Several times a week for the past five years, Riley has been able to play with his friends at doggy day care. It is only a mile from his house, and it was very convenient for his owner to drop him there when she had work.

One day, they drove past the day care on their way home, but it wasn’t a day that Riley was supposed to show up. His owner drove him to the house and secured him in the backyard where he could hang out in the sunlight, enjoy the breeze, and lounge in his dog house until she came back for him just a few hours later.

Well, Riley wasn’t having it!

The staff at the day care noticed Riley begging outside of their front door! They opened up and let him in, phoning his owner to let her know that they had her dog! She told them that she would rush over to pick him up…but they said not to worry! He was a regular, and they didn’t mind giving her one free afternoon on the house.

After all, Riley had made the journey all on his own!

His owner speculated that he had managed to unlatch the back gate and walk himself – the staff walk by his home every day, so he knew the way – and just wanted to play with his friends!

This clever pooch made it on the news. His story is just too funny! Does YOUR dog go on adventures all on his own?

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