This Dog Couldn’t Move After Devouring The Family’s Christmas Turkey

This little Chi Apso bit off more than she could chew the day she climbed up onto the table and decided to eat an entire turkey. (Well, the meat that had been carved off – the entire turkey breast!)

Bubba, the dog in question, discovered the the carved turkey meat under a layer of tin foil and couldn’t resist the delicious and tender meat! She chomped and chewed and swallowed bits whole in a mad rush to scarf it all down. It smelled so good, and tasted so great, she didn’t stop until she had licked the platter clean…And then the consequences began to sink in. Most full-grown adults can only handle a slice or two of a holiday turkey. The dense meat and comforting flavors send most of us into a state of relaxed regret. That last bite was too much, we think to ourselves, and can’t imagine eating turkey ever again. Imagine how very confused this little 15-pound dog was feeling after eating so much turkey meat!

She lazed around the house for the remainder of the day…but Christmas dinner wasn’t ruined at the Barett home!

My aunt had two turkeys so we got one of hers,” he explained.

This will be an infamous Christmas, and hopefully little Bubba will remember to pace herself next time! Yikes!

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