This Dog Bed Is Nearly Indestructible! (For Dogs That Like To Destroy Their Beds!)

Large or small, some dogs just love to rip and tear things with their teeth. Couch cushions, shoes, stray articles of clothing…and in some cases, their own beds! Too many times I have come downstairs in the morning only to discover that the pillow stuffing meant to keep my pup’s beds plump and comfortable has been extracted through chewed holes and strewn about the living room. Frustrating!

But this idea may just put a stop to all that…simply because the frame is actually an old tire! This DIY dog bed gives dogs a variety of ways to use it, and maybe it will stop them from destroying their fluffy beds! (One can dream, right?)

After cleaning the tire with a good scrubbing, she painted it a vibrant color and added little stickers meant to prevent furniture from sliding around to the underside of the tire.Then, all that was left to do was shove a fluffy pillow inside to act as the bed! When it gets dirty, removing and washing the stuffing is easy. The tire was just the right size for this pooch, and the firm rubber gave her an area to rest her little doggy head while she chewed away on a bone.Would your dogs like something like this? Hey, if they can’t destroy it overnight, I’m a fan.

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