This Doctor Is Worried His Elderly Patient Might Be Losing His Mind…What His Wife Has To Say About It Is So Much WORSE!

Growing old is a part of life. When we were younger, we would watch cartoons and TV shows that depicted the elderly as “crazy” or “wacky.” They were usually sitting in a rocking chair on their front porch screaming “you pesky kids, get off of my lawn!” Maybe they were “the mean old hag” at the end of the block, or “the scary old man” who growled at everyone who passed by his home. But now some of us might be at an age where we are a little closer to being “that old lady” than we like to think about…and this story just really made me laugh!

An 80 year old man went for his annual check up and the doctor said, “Friend, for your age you’re in the best shape I’ve seen.”

The old feller replied, “Yep. It comes from clean living. I know I live a good, clean, spiritual life.”

The doctor asked, “What makes you say that?”

The old man replied, “If I didn’t live a good, clean life the Lord wouldn’t turn the bathroom light on for me every time I get up in the middle of the night.”

The doc was concerned. “You mean when you get up in the night to go to the bathroom, the Lord Himself turns on the light for you?”

“Yep,” the old man said, “Whenever 1 get up to go to the bathroom, the Lord turns the light on for me.”

Well, the doctor didn’t say anything else, but when the old man’s wife came in for her check up, he felt he had to let her know what her husband said. “I just want you to know,” the doctor said “Your husband’s in fine physical shape but I’m worried about his mental condition. He told me that every night when he gets up to go to the bathroom, the Lord turns the light on for him.”

“Aha!” she exclaimed. “So he’s the one who’s been peein’ in the refrigerator!”

OMG! This poor woman must have some issues on her own if she didn’t know who was peeing in her refrigerator every night! Who else lives in their home?! I hope this doctor referred them to a specialist after this eye-opening visit. You know, when I get that old, maybe living in a home might not be so bad. At least I wouldn’t be accidentally peeing on my kitchen appliances…Oops!

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