This Disabled Man Had No Money To Take His Dog To The Vet. The Clerk Did THIS And Has Never Forgotten It.

What would you do if a customer came in and couldn’t pay for services that you had already provided? That’s exactly where this store clerk found himself after grooming and removing fleas from one man’s dog. He had finished the job and called the man to let him know that the dog had gotten fleas, so if he had any other animals, he would need to bring them in as well. But then THIS happened, and the internet was in tears!

So I work at a pet store, my family owns it. We do boarding, daycare, training, grooming and retail.

I had a regular come in a few months back but he wasn’t doing too well financially since becoming disabled. He brought in his dog for grooming and I noticed he had large amount of fleas. I called and informed him. I let him know that I would give his other dog a flea bath for cheap so he could take care of it. Once he got there he tried to pay with a care credit card that the state had given him. Unfortunately, we don’t take that card. He gave me his card information so I could charge him when he got paid. I sent with him with some flea and tick topical ointment that we sell over the counter.

Well the day came for me to run his card, he called me to remind me. I thanked him, got off the phone and didn’t charge him.

Today he called realizing he hadn’t been charged, I told him I didn’t plan on charging him and was happy to be able to help. He couldn’t talk for a bit, trying to compose himself. I got off the phone knowing I had made someone’s day better.

I know how hard it can be living on disability, my mom is on it. Sometimes even the littlest of things can help.

Oh, this clerk is amazing! It probably helped that this was a family-owned store, but he could tell that this man really cared about his pets. He even made room in his budget to be sure that his pets would be well taken care of. Disability is hard to live on, but this sweet old man was doing his best to help the ones he cared the most about – his dogs! Honestly, I probably would have done the exact same thing if I was in this clerk’s position. This is so sweet! This story just made my day!

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