This Designer Was Confused At This Client’s Reaction…But The End Result Had Him LAUGHING!

Digital media is one of those fields that does not get enough credit. People who don’t understand how much time and effort goes into studying this career path and tend to undervalue the work that an artist puts into their commissions, logos, or requests. A lot of the time, the clients will actually think that they know more than the artist that they have hired and will attempt to insert themselves into the creative process without actually knowing what they are talking about. This is just one of those scenarios…

(I’ve been a digital designer for quite a while now and surprisingly have little to no issue with customers. This particular customer had been extremely pleasant up until I was finalizing their product.)

Me: “All right, so, here’s the finished product! As soon as payment is sent, I can—”

Customer: “No. No, no, no!”

Me: “Is something wrong?”

Customer: “The grey! The grey is way too grey! It was fine before. What did you do?!”

Me: “Sir, I can assure you that between coloring the lines and now, I have not changed the colors.”

Customer: “You made the grey much too grey! Fix it!”

(I work for around 30 minutes using various saturation and colors to make it less “grey” for the customer. I eventually got frustrated and accidentally sent them the first image I had shown them on accident.)

Me: *realizing what I have done* “Oh, pardon me, sir, I think I sent you—”

Customer: “Yes! Perfect! This is what I wanted! Was that so hard?!”

Me: “Yes… Of course, sir.”

(He sent the payment and was perfectly happy with his “altered” product!)

Obviously, this customer wanted to feel good about themselves by having the artist make a change that didn’t need to happen. Those extra 30 minutes of work went completely unnoticed by this client, but hey, at least the artist eventually got paid for all of the work they did! Too funny…

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