This Deputy Didn’t Think Anyone Was Watching When He Approached This Homeless Man…Until THIS Was Shared On Facebook!

How we act when no one is around is a test of our truest nature. We don’t notice, obviously, but others do – especially when we think no one is watching. This Deputy was responding to a complain at a local grocery store. A suspicious person had been walking around for a while, and the owners were searching for help – just in case the situation was going to escalate. Deputy Roth was called to the scene…but his reaction was FAR from what anyone had hoped it could be! 


…what Deputy Roth didn’t know was that others were watching.”2.1d2

What would our world be like if more people were like Deputy Roth? Would we still have homeless people wandering the streets, wondering where their next hot meal would come from? No one can say for sure, but a little bit of kindness never hurt anyone! This anonymous homeless person could have been kicked out of the store by a disgruntled officer, and a hundred different things could have gone wrong if anyone had reacted poorly. Thankfully, Deputy Roth was there to recognize that sometimes, people just need a little bit of help. And I’m so glad that he was the one to respond to the call!

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