This Dedicated Nurse Wouldn’t Let ANYTHING Stop Her From Getting To Work…Not Even A BLIZZARD!

Chantelle Diabate is a nurse who works at a nursing home in the Bronx. Over the weekend, a blizzard stopped the traffic, the buses, and many people from going to work. This was something that Chantelle didn’t care about, though. What she cared about more than the weather or available transportation were her patients. Chantelle decided that walking 2 miles in the middle of a blizzard was worth it to get to work and help those out who needed it the most. Her incredible story is quickly going VIRAL!


My job is really humbling because you realize you could be a patient…at some point you’re going to have to depend on somebody,” she said. “We all need each other. I treat my patients well because I treat them like family.”

While the director of the nursing home was able to be there during the blizzard, he reported that no other nurse made it to work that day. Only Chatelle, through incredible perseverance, arrived to support the patients that had grown to mean so much to her.

Chantelle wasn’t looking for a lot of attention, she just came to do her job and felt happy she was needed,” he told ABC News. “It makes me feel very proud, it really reminds you of the commitment [our employees] make…there’s a lot to learn from their efforts and loyalty.”

If you ask me, it sounds like someone is due for a raise!

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