This Dad Woke Up And Realized That His Son Has Been A Leprechaun The Whole Time. (WARNING: This Is Adorable)

Okay, not really, but this creative dad has found a way to combine his passion for photography and raising his sons in a way that has quickly gone VIRAL! He has a unique style that adds a whimsical touch of magic into everyday scenarios, and this time, he has taken on St. Patrick’s Day! With a custom Leprechaun outfit fitted for a 6-month-old baby, he got to work!


With clever angles, his little boy seems to be standing all on his own! Dressed in his St. Patty’s Day best, he sneaks into his house…with his pot ‘o gold! I can feel the mischief already!3.17a3

Before anyone could stop him, he’d turned the dog GREEN! Oh, you little rascal, you!


Well, you are supposed to wear green. It’s tradition! He’s totally justified!3.17a5

Hey, this is all the rage back home. This little leprechaun has done you a favor, dad!3.17a6

And in the spirit of St. Patty’s day (and rainbows, probably) he’s gotten to work burying his stash!3.17a7

Well, this is green. I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks! (That baby is making smart choices!)3.17a8

Obviously, the house needed a new coat of paint. Of course it needs to be green! It’s only fair.3.17a9

Don’t mess with his pot o’ gold! Everyone knows that.

Oops! Looks like he discovered that his GOLD was actually DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE! There’s no going back, now.3.17a11

This is what the internet should be used for. Not hateful speeches or cruel comments, but jovial pictures of babies dressed as mythical creatures painting houses and eating candy. How cute is this guy?! Check out this clever dad’s blog for more pictures of adorable babies doing hilarious and adorable things (that they shouldn’t be able to do)!

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