This Dad Will Stop At Nothing To Protect His Child From Dangerous Drivers

Chris Jaymes lives in a neighborhood with a busy street and often witnesses cars and trucks whizzing past his home with little to no regard for the children who often play outdoors. While it is dangerous for most children, it could potentially be deadly for the Jaymes family. Their 3-year-old son, Grayson, doesn’t respond to verbal commands due to his autism.

Many children with autism aren’t able to process auditory stimulation, and for Grayson, it means that if his dad tells him not to go any farther towards the street, he won’t understand what his father is telling him.

In order to help stop motorists from flying through the neighborhood, he asked the city for a sign that warned drivers that there were autistic children in the area. It would let drivers know that the children they were seeing might not understand that cars were dangerous and to be extra careful. What he didn’t expect was the city’s response:

No such signs exist.”

They also refused to grant him a permit to build a fence around his property. What else was he supposed to do? He began making hand-made signs to slow motorists, but they weren’t working…

Until a local sign company caught wind of what he was trying to do and donated 3 professional signs to be placed in the neighborhood!Alpha & Omega Signs stepped in, and the Jaymes family isn’t stopping there. He is now working on a bill to send to Washington D.C. to mandate that states provide parents with cautionary road signs when their children with autism are in danger of being hit by passing motorists.

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