This Dad Tried To Throw A Birthday Party For His Son…But No One Showed Up! The Employees Decided That They Wouldn’t Stand For It!

Being the parent of an unpopular child can be heartbreaking. Watching them go through life, not making friends, and being alone can rip a parent’s heart out of their chest. But that doesn’t stop them from trying their best to be there for their child.

On this child’s birthday, he knew that it would be hard on his budget. He realized that he couldn’t do very much, but it would be unfair not to try. He invited what little friends his son had made…and felt his heart hit the floor when he realized that no one was coming…

I used to work in the showroom at Chuck E. Cheese’s when I was in high school. My primary job was to throw birthday parties. And throw birthday parties I DID. I made darn sure that every kid there had the greatest birthday party of all time.

I worked the 4th of July one year and we had just one party that day. I got to work it. The RSVP number was fairly small, like 5 or so, but it was even worse. It was just father and son. Mom and mom’s family were proud residents of the state pen in Oklahoma or something. Dad got custody and moved with son to Tennessee and had his party there. He invited a few friends, but none came, so it was just father and son at the birthday table.

They weren’t very well off and they bought the barebones party option. I asked around to all of my co-workers and threw in about $40 of my own money to make sure they had the best birthday bash ever. It was an hour from close and nobody was there so all of the employees started partying with them. We made them 10 pizzas and the kid got to pick whatever toppings he wanted. We then gave him about 500 tokens. We played and partied for 2 hours and then put on the show after closing. After the show, my boss brought out an Xbox and the kid got to play Xbox on the giant TVs in the showroom.

It was close to midnight when they left. My boss brought fireworks and beer and all of us employees were gonna raise heck in the parking lot, but we decided to invite the kid too. He got to shoot off bottle rockets and roman candles and whatnot and his dad got a beer out of it. Later, dad brings the employees aside and starts crying about how awesome the party was.

I worked at Chuck E. Cheese’s for 2 years and hated most of it, but that night was one of the best of my entire life.

These employees were able to see the bigger picture. They weren’t concerned with what they would be doing after their shifts. They realized that this kid was having the worst birthday, and they couldn’t let him leave with that terrible feeling! This birthday will definitely be one that he (and his father even more) will remember for the rest of his life 🙂

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