This Dad Shares The “Rules For Dating His Daughter” And INSTANTLY Gets Thousands Of Responses

J. Warren Welch is a writer who spends a lot of his time pondering life and sharing his bold opinions with his followers. Recently, he posted the “rules” for dating his daughters, and in a flurry of opinions, people responded.

Most fathers get a kick out of being the big, hulking, protective types that brag about “brandishing a shotgun” if anyone hurts their little girls…but Welch had a different idea. Buying a t-shirt that warns away potential boyfriends just isn’t his style.His idea of parenting is inspiring thousands, and after you read it, you’ll see why:He clarifies that he is a feminist, and that he listens to his daughters. That men don’t need to assert their dominance over “their women,” and that his daughters don’t need his approval to make decisions in their lives. He and his wife are currently raising five girls, a blended family with children from previous relationships, and so communication is a constant in their lives. He loves that his daughters are being raised to be independent and strong.

The responses so far have mostly been positive. Respecting the choices that his daughters make and being there for them if they make mistakes is what makes him a great dad, and the post has been shared tens of thousands of times for its simple message:

You will respect them.”


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