This Dad Reacted In Anger…And He Couldn’t See His Mistake Until The End Of His Day.

People make mistakes all of the time. Usually, they’re small and inconsequential. The mailman puts the wrong junk mail into the wrong box, or the flower shop owner forgets her key at home and has to open the store 30 minutes later. Someone ordered 28 boxes of folders instead of 18 at the office. Little things that might be mild inconveniences, but ultimately they don’t hurt anyone.

But when a parent makes a mistake, with their actions or their words, the repercussions can have lasting effects – even if we think it was just a “small” mistake.


Communication is a big factor in any relationship. When you cut out the communication, when someone doesn’t mention what’s really bothering them, or when someone else doesn’t ask, misunderstandings happen. In this case, the mistake lasted all day. Both the father and the daughter felt awful thanks to a few careless words and one thoughtless demand. He got so caught up in his own life that he didn’t realize the struggles happening in his daughter’s life.

While this situation resolved itself, some never do. Some arguments can last for decades. People bury their feelings and it can ruin a relationship when they don’t talk about what is bothering them. Thankfully, this story had a happy ending…but so many don’t! If you have something on your conscience, talk about it! Don’t hold it in!

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