This Dad Photoshopped His Baby Into “Marginally Dangerous” Situations And People Thought They Were REAL!

This dad has been up to no good! Using his mastery of the Photoshop program (and his adorable baby), he has been splicing different pictures together in order to create these heart-stopping images. While they aren’t completely shocking, they do make everyone startle just a bit and want to run over and pick up the baby before it hurts itself.

Take this one, for example.While this one is much less believable, it certainly looks real!Just spending some time cooking…wait, what is that baby holding?! And why are all of the burners on?!This one hurts to look at. One wrong move…This one really got to people. And this one was clever! This is something that a lot of dads like to do with their kids…she’s just a little too high up for comfort! Yikes!These hilarious pictures are making parents everywhere nervous – they are just too perfect! And frightening. And to be honest, how is someone supposed to feel about them? Adorable baby pictures? Precarious positions? But they aren’t real? Ahh!

Would you take pictures like this with your babies?!

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