This Dad Has Been Covering His Arm in Tattoos Of His Son’s Doodles And The Result Is Gorgeous

The immeasurable love parents show their children can be expressed in so many different ways. It can be as simple as preparing breakfast each morning, driving them to school, or doing something that’s out of the ordinary, just like what Keith Anderson has done.


All kids love to draw and the usual parent would show appreciation by putting up artworks on the fridge, while others would go the extra mile and turn the table by getting a tattoo of their children. But Keith is a little bit more creative and appreciative than that.

Instead of getting his son’s photo inked on his skin, Keith decided to use the beautiful doodles the young boy has created as actual tattoo designs. An abstract stained glass design, orange sea horse, and cute little stick house are just some of the drawings that were turned into eye-catching tattoos. What better way to display the boy’s work than the moving canvass that is his father’s body? Keith’s idea started when his son was at the age of 4. And over the years, different tattoo artists have helped him with the project.


If this isn’t surprising enough, he recently let his kid do some of the tattooing on his right arm. This is how close their bond as father and son is, and this shows how much the father appreciates the works of his little boy. When asked about his plans once they eventually run out of space on his skin, he said he’ll just let him draw smaller pictures.


This is just one incredible story that exhibits the creativity of children and the special support parents can give their kids. Surely, some fathers out there have had a similar idea as deeply inspiring like this one. But no matter how small or big the gesture is, what’s important is the incomparable parental love that moms and dads give to their children.


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