This Cute Calf Broke Into The Family Home For One ADORABLE Reason!

Beryl is not an ordinary cow. For one? She thinks that she is a dog. Raised with two puppies and a “blankie” to sleep on, she doesn’t seem to realize that she is a little too big for cuddles! She loves her family and even recognizes her own name. When “mom and dad” call out to her over the pasture, she either calls back or comes to the front porch! She even knows where her milk is kept in the laundry room…4.29a3But one day, the family came home to see Beryl sitting in the living room! They were startled, but not really surprised at her shennanigans! Whenever she finds an open door, she squeezes her way inside to make herself at home. She didn’t break anything or make a mess. She went straight to the carpet and waited for her humans, careful not to knock anything over in the meantime.4.29a2Ever since she was a tiny calf, she was a part of the family! She learned her mannerisms from the pups she grew up with, and loves to cuddle and hang out with her favorite pooches, Fred and Wilma.4.29a4They may be older now, but they still share a special bond! Nap time is a particular favorite. Enjoying the weather, Beryl’s blankie, and the good company, these unlikely friends are constantly surprising the people around them.4.29a5Beryl knows that she isn’t allowed inside, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to get in and cozy up near the couch whenever she gets the chance! “She’s just cheeky,” says her family.

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