This Customer Crosses The LINE When She Said This! What The Cashier Said Next Shocked EVERYONE!

People who were born with disabilities should always be treated with respect – no matter the circumstances! They might be a little different, but that doesn’t make the “bad,” and that doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings, too! They can hold jobs, drive, play sports, and function in society just as well as the rest of us. They just might require a little bit of patience sometimes! Learning not to judge someone before you even know them is a hard lesson to learn, but for THIS angry woman, she needed a harsher lesson than the rest of us…


I’ll admit it, I’ve had bad days before. I might be running late, tired, hungry, cranky, or just in a bad mood in general, but that would never give me an excuse to be rude to someone else…and it especially doesn’t give me the excuse to put someone down just because they might be a little different! Unfortunately, some people aren’t able to control themselves when they feel the urge to be nasty, and in customer service jobs, you see these people every single day. Dealing with someone who just isn’t in the mood to be nice is tricky…but this cashier did a PERFECT job! I’m just glad that the manager agreed and that the cashier didn’t lose their job because of one woman’s terrible attitude!

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