This Customer ALWAYS Had The Right Amount Of Change. When The Waitress Learns How He Does It, She Can’t Hold In Her Laughter!

I needed to read this today! It made me laugh so hard! I hate paying for things with cash. I always end up with too much change to carry, and it spills around in my purse or makes my pockets too bulky to be comfortable. On top of that, I almost never count it. I just trust (more like hope) that the cashier counted the change correctly the first time. This guy doesn’t seem to have that problem at all – until you get to the twist!


You know what they say, “be careful what you wish for!” This story is silly, but I loved that hilarious twist at the end! That’s what you get for trying to take advantage of someone. I bet this genie was a GIRL genie! At least he got one wish right…but now I am wondering what he used as his 3rd wish? He obviously didn’t wish for the ostrich to disappear, but I wonder what it could have been. What do you think his 3rd wish should be? I’ll bet he stopped wishing when he realized that his 2nd wish had gone so horribly wrong! I wouldn’t want to keep messing with genie magic, either! Yikes!

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