This Coyote Was Hit On The Highway. 20 Miles Later, A Random Woman Told Her It Was Still Alive!

While driving on a highway in Alberta, Canada, one woman struck a coyote as she was driving. It had dashed across the road too quickly for her to avoid it, and braking hadn’t been an option. She felt the crunch as she hit the animal and although she was upset, she believed that she had run over it, most likely killing it instantly.

When she pulled up to a traffic light 20 miles later, she was flagged down by a woman working construction.

“There’s a coyote in your car, there” the woman said, confused.

The driver got out to look over the damage, wondering how in the world a coyote could be in her car…it looked up at her and blinked from inside of the grill.

She immediately called the wildlife services for her area and waited for help. She had no idea what to do with the live coyote stuck in her car!

It was a few hours until they could help out, but after a lot of maneuvering, they were able to free it from inside of the car’s front bumper.

After a quick checkup, the wildlife officers made the call to release the coyote back into a park system far away from roads. Hopefully, this animal never has to see a car ever again!

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