This Couple Won $528 MILLION In The Lottery…Wait Until You See Their House Now!

John and Lisa lived in Tennessee when they discovered something that changed their lives. They won the Powerball jackpot of $528 million dollars. Of course, the taxes on the money left them with $328 million…but still, that is a ton of cash to win! In January of 2016, they received their check from the Tennessee Powerball, and a journalist wanted to check on them and see how they had fared in the past 6 months. What had they done with the money?┬áMost noticeably, they moved from their modest, cozy house into a breathtaking lakeside mansion!7.15a18It had loads of space, an incredible view, a sprawling yard, and not a neighbor to bother them for a while! This home is gorgeous and it’s not surprising that they were able to upgrade so quickly!7.15a19The entire home has a modern, rustic feel that incorporates tile, natural stone, wood, leather, and stainless steel.7.15a20The dining room has two tables, and a lounge area outfitted with a television and comfy couch. You can see into the kitchen, and a large balcony leads the way to the bedrooms.7.15a21Of course, there is a massive home theater with a secret space above it all!7.15a22The bathroom is a spa, complete with a fireplace, television, and modern jet streams in the glass shower.7.15a23What would you do with all of your winnings? They clearly invested in property! They have also continued with their day jobs and live life as normally as they have before…they just live in a much nicer home! Smart move.

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