This Couple Got Married In The Craziest Place…But The Staff Was So Excited To Help Out!

These two lovebirds had been dating for over 12 years, but after Richard ended up in the hospital, they decided that they didn’t want to waste another moment of their lives! They wanted to get married…and they didn’t want to wait! The hospital staff rallied together to make their dream come true. The couple was able to get married before Richard had to leave the hospital!


Congratulations to Charlene and Richard, married today in Piedmont Mountainside’s ICU! The happy couple has been together for 13 years and decided they wanted to be married before Richard leaves the hospital…Happy wedding day, you two!”

Employees of the hospital decorated the room, bought a guest book, flowers and a bouquet for the bride, and even a cake! They tried hard to make it a special day for the two, and a special day it was! They are starting out their lives “for better or worse,” and it seems that the “worse” bit is behind them!

It isn’t the exact venue that most young people dream about when they picture their wedding. But once the right person has been found, and the decision is made to spend the rest of their lives together…well, it is really clear that the “where” is really not as important as the “who.”

This couple proved that with one photograph, and it’s a time that they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives!

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