This Corgi Planted Her Own Pumpkin Patch…Without Telling Her Owner!

A Corgi named Meya poses proudly with her pumpkin patch in her owner’s backyard. It’s hot and dry, and not much grass grows in the little patch of soil, but Meya’s pumpkin patch is thriving (and nearly as tall as she is!). It all started several months ago, when the curious Corgi got into a bag of pumpkin seeds…

Back in November, Meya dug a deep hole in her owner’s backyard. While this isn’t all too uncommon for the pup, this time, she made her poops in the hole. When her owner went to fill the hole back in, she just buried the poop instead of picking it up. It seemed like a wasted effort – besides, it’s all natural, right?

But something strange happened…a little vine began to flower. They quickly put two and two together, realizing that the pumpkin seeds must have sprouted! Miraculously, the plant flourished.

While they are fairly certain that the plant will never flower and actually produce pumpkins…they do plan to make a pumpkin pie if it ever does!

Meya’s pumpkin patch is now famous, and we kind of really hope that it does produce some pumpkins! How fun would that be around the holidays?

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