This Cop Won’t Answer Your 911 Call…EVEN If It Is An EMERGENCY! His Reason Is SHOCKING!

This letter was written for one specific purpose: to shine a light on an issue that is close to many people’s hearts.

When you call 9-1-1, you need help. You’re injured, someone nearby has been injured, you’ve witness a car accident, there is a fire, your neighbors might have a problem, or any other number of emergencies where you need the help of law enforcement. These aren’t the kind of incidents that you can schedule help for, either. If my house is on fire, I need assistance now. If I’ve been in a car accident and there are people hurt, I need help as soon as possible. The officers that they send out are trained and know that as soon as they get that call, they need to be ready for anything.

This letter broke my heart.


Too many officers who give their lives for the sake of public safety are often quickly forgotten by the very public that they gave their lives for. This officer wanted to share one last sentiment before having his name “put on a plaque.” He wanted everyone to know how much these officers care about their job and the public that they serve. Being an officer of the law is a noble profession. Let’s remember that every day they risk their lives so that we can continue to live ours.

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